What is the Average Class Size for Universities in Panama City, Florida?

Applied Studies, Arts, and Sciences are just some of the many courses offered at Florida State University (FSU) in Panama City. Located along North Bay in Panama City, Florida, the campus's natural beauty provides the perfect environment for learning. The new FSU in Panama City began operating with six administrative and support staff members, five resident teachers, 531 students and 11 degree programs. The Center for Academic and Professional Development (CAPD) at Florida State University is the outreach entity for academic and continuing education programs for the campus, the community, and students.

The University realized that if the quality of education and the coherence of the programs were to be maintained, it would be essential that most of the courses on the Panama City campus were taught by regular FSU professors. As part of this program growth, FSU in Panama City added student housing for both FSU and Gulf Coast State College students. The International Programs study centers in London, Florence, Valencia and Panama also offer library services, resources and spaces. For more than 65 years, FSU International Programs has been a nationally recognized leader in the field of international higher education, providing the opportunity to live, study and do internships at the University's four international centers in Florence (Italy), London (England), Panama City (Republic of Panama) and Valencia (Spain).

As part of a world-class university known for its excellence in teaching and cutting-edge technology, the FSU of Panama City offers the opportunity to earn a degree on a smaller campus in a beautiful waterfront environment. Soon after the community began to exert pressure, the Florida Board of Regents (BOR) instituted a plan to make higher education available to Florida citizens living in major populated areas located more than a reasonable distance (50 miles) from a state-funded university. Barron, who sponsored the bill that guaranteed funding for the permanent location of an FSU facility in Panama City, was instrumental in making this dream a reality. In August, FSU Panama City welcomed more students entering university for the first time than ever, closing a monumental month that also saw the inauguration of Seminole Landing.

A native of Jacksonville, Kennia' Swinton, a first-year biomedical science student, chose FSU in Panama City because of its great reputation and smaller campus size. ODL faculty and staff collaborate with teachers and distance learning assistants to promote educational excellence at Florida State University through the use of effective educational and communication technologies; evidence-based teaching principles and strategies; and research studies on innovations in teaching. So what is the average class size for universities in Panama City? According to data from FSUPC's website, Applied Studies classes have an average size of 183 students; Arts classes have an average size of 26 students; Sciences classes have an average size of 9 students; 60 students are enrolled in 395 classes; 1 student is enrolled in 827 classes; 0 students are enrolled in 11 classes; and 219 students are enrolled in classes. This data shows that universities in Panama City offer small class sizes that allow for more personalized instruction from professors.

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