Scholarships for Students in Panama City, Florida: Unlocking Your Educational Dreams

Are you looking for ways to fund your education in Panama City, Florida? FSU Panama City is dedicated to helping all students reach their educational goals, regardless of race, gender, religion, or financial ability. We offer a variety of scholarships and need-based and merit-based financial assistance to make your dreams come true. At FSU Panama City, we understand that financing an education can be a challenge. That's why we provide one of the lowest tuition rates in Florida and annually award privately funded Foundation scholarships to recognize academic excellence, leadership, and exemplary character.

If you are searching for scholarships for a particular high school located in Panama City Beach, select the appropriate school from the list below. Scholarships are not intended to cover 100% of a student's educational cost, but are meant only to supplement the student's educational funding. In addition to scholarships, FSU Panama City also offers Seminole Landing, an exclusive on-campus apartment complex for FSU Panama City and Gulf Coast State College undergraduate and graduate students studying at least six credit hours or more. If you wish to enroll in FSU and a second public institution of higher education in Florida within the same period or take time off from FSU and only take classes at another public institution of higher education in Florida, you must complete an online transitional student application with FloridaShines.

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