St Ann Catholic School

ST. AnnSchool Contact: Kate Kilian

Address: 324 S Olive Avenue
West Palm Beach, FL 33458
United States

Phone Number: (561) 832-3676

Type of School: Private


Student Population: 250

What We Are Doing To Be A Green School: *Paper, Plastic, Capri Sun, Pen, Marker, Glue Bottle, Printer Cartridge, and Candy Wrapper Recycling Programs: Terracycle pays for goods and $ donated to NWF. *Reusable Bag Design Contest design printed and sold 100% proceeds go to charity. *School has Vegetable Garden and Native Plant Garden. *Litter Patrols

Awards or Recognition Received: *Voted Palm Beach County Green School of Quality. *1st Place in Project Earth’s 2011 Earth Day Competition. *Adopted almost 10,000 sq ft of land outside of Yellowstone with NWF.