District Dashboard

The Florida Green School Network established the District Dashboard to provide a snapshot of key indicators at the school district level. The Dashboard focuses primarily on a combination of three core indicators, the FGSN rating which captures proactive green school initiatives and a combined score.

The Green Score indicators are:

1) ENERGY: total energy/per COFTE;

2) HEALTH: implementation of the Coordinated School Health model (based on the Florida  Healthy District Self Assessment);

3) GRADE: school district grade;

4) FGSN RATING: The FL Green School Network rating is based on the existence of the following:

  • a comprehensive policy or “greenprint” related to conservation/environment/sustainability,
  • evidence of a commitment to document and recognize efforts through participation in the Florida Green School Awards program, and
  • a commitment to environmental literacy through an environmental education requirement for at least one grade in the K-12 system.

5) COMBINED SCORE: a summary score of all previous indicators.


Data for this initial score was compiled through a web search, e-mail, and phone contacts with district administrators. In subsequent years it will be updated through an online survey.

The Network recognizes that each school district is unique and faces different environmental, social, and economic conditions. Therefore, the information provided here should be considered in that context. We hope the information will serve as a guide that will inform school board members, school and district administrators, teachers, parents, students and anyone who is interested in school districts that optimize learning by providing a healthy, environmentally sound, and cost efficient educational system.


If you feel there is an error on the data reflected by these indicators for your district, please leave us a comment under “Contact Us” and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you!